Everyone is going MENTAL over all the swearing on RTE’s 1916 drama

Many were looking forward to the start of RTE's new drama, Rebellion, which is based around Ireland getting its independence in 1916. 

But in episode one, which aired last night, many were shocked by the language used by the fair ladies. 

Two of the characters, Frances, played by Ruth Bradley and May, played by Sarah Greene, were heard blindingly swearing about one of them, "f**king an Englishman."

But fear not, because the writer of the show, Colin Teevan, said in a press conference that this was the language the Irish used before we became "Americanised."

He explained while the four-letter word has been used for "the act" for centuries, it wasn't until the 1920s that "f**k off" was used as a phrase. 

So all in all, Colin just wanted to keep the script true to the era, and we're just going to have to get used to all the ladies swearing their heads off.