Entrepreneurial Irish teen wins award for genderless clothing line


A Donegal teenager has won the covetable Foróige Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and for a very unique business endeavour.

The teen has set up a completely gender neutral clothing line in Ireland.

Sixteen-year-old Katie McGloin started the business six months ago, called KT Clothing.

The entrepreneur believes that gender-neutral clothes were not the same as unisex clothing, and set out to create a truly non-gendered line.

Katie came up with the concept when she realised that there were very few clothing options for people who don't want to dress particularly feminine or particularly masculine. 

"There is no set gender for any of our items and they can be worn in a number of different styles depending on the individual," reads the brand manifesto.

The range, which features positive messages on the clothing such as "I am myself," and "stand out," is available online.

KT Clothing joins the gender neutral clothing market in Ireland with very little competition.

Previously established brands include Sugs and Snails, which specialises in creating non-gendered tights for children and adults. 

Feature image: Katherine Zappone/Twitter