Eight things that happen when you move in with your boyfriend!

It’s inevitable that if you’re in a long-term relationship, the two of you will one day decide to move in together.

Whether you took the leap years ago or whether it’s still years down the line, here are a few things you can rely on to happen…

1. You learn how much of a mammy’s boy he is
The Irish Mammy is a plague to girlfriends everywhere. She’s been doing his washing and cleaning his room for years without complaint – those are some pretty big shoes for you to fill. If you’re smart you’ll curb this at the start by dividing up chores between you!

2. You actually have to cook sometimes now
Gone are the days when a bowl of Frosties could pass for dinner. Now that you’re co-habiting, you feel the need to make SOME sort of effort with food for the both of you. Pasta seven days a week it is, so.

3. It’s impossible to get out of bed in the mornings these days
So. Cozy. Having another person in your bed every night really bumps up the comfiness factor, meaning you’ll feel the need to push snooze at least twice per morning, just for some extra cuddle time.

4. Farting becomes a normality
Even if you still daintily hold yours in, you’ll become intimately acquainted with the different types of farts your man can produce. And he’ll take extreme joy in wafting them towards you just to see you squirm. Eeeeew!

5. One of you will steal the other’s razor
Either you’ll rob his Mach 3 to get super- smooth legs, or he’ll sneakily use your pretty pink Venus razor when he’s run out. Either way, no blade is safe.

6. The two of you will develop your own little quirks together
If someone else heard the two of you chatting away at home, they’d probably have no idea what you were on about. In-jokes, nicknames, silly words and made-up songs – stuff gets pretty weird when you’re living in the same house

7. You’ll stop caring that he's seen you at your worst
All it takes is for one or both of you to get diarrhoea/a vomiting bug/a manky cold to realise that it’s not the worst thing in the world to get sick in front of your partner. In fact, you’re eternally grateful for the fact that he rubbed your back as you heaved into the toilet bowl and didn’t complain about cleaning up. That’s love!

8. You’ll learn that compromise is key
Maybe he has his own routine for washing the dishes (soak for four days before cleaning) or maybe you’re both bed-hoggers who enjoy sleeping diagonally across the mattress. It takes time to get used to living with someone else – but don’t worry, you’ll sort things out soon enough!