Eight pointless arguments all couples have!


Every couple argues from time to time, even the healthy ones. But there are a few arguments that tend to happen over and over again.

Will we ever learn?!

Here are a few of the old favourites…

1. The "no, it's YOUR turn" argument
Usually relating to cooking dinner, washing the dishes, taking the bins out or some other undesirable chore. "But I washed the dishes two days in a ROW last week!"

2. The "I'm not watching that" argument
He wants to watch Game of Thrones, but you're feeling in more of a Good Wife mood. Cue heated discussion about whose choice should win, leaving one of you grudgingly agreeing to watching what the other wants (well, hopefully).

3. The "can you just put your phone away for two seconds?" argument
You're out for dinner, but he feels NOW'S the time to check in with the lads' WhatsApp group. "Hang on, I just have to watch this 'Best Ronaldo Goals of the Last Decade' video on YouTube and then I'll be riiiight with you."

4. The "I told you to stop!" argument
Usually occurs after an innocent cuddle/tickle fight has gone wrong. You're just as likely to be the one at fault as he is… tickling is a dangerous activity!

5. The "eh… who's she?" argument
Social media is a goldmine for potential argument fodder. He's been liking that girl from work's photos an AWFUL lot lately… even if they are just snaps of the latest team-building session.

6. The "you skipped ahead on House of Cards WITHOUT me?" argument
He was away for the weekend, and you just couldn't resist the temptation to sneakily watch a new episode of your favourite TV show. All's well until he clocks the "Last Watched" section on Netflix and promptly freaks out.

7. The "what do you want to eat?" argument
"Pizza?" "No, too carby." "Indian?" "Ugh, I hate Indian." "Well, where do you WANT to eat?" "…I don't mind, you choose."

8. The "you're too drunk" argument
No drunk person can ever admit that they're actually drunk (it's a cardinal rule) so this argument is always going to end in trouble.