Eight beauty struggles every girl must deal with


Yes, make-up is a necessary evil but sometimes we just feel like throwing all our products out the window and being done with it.

Mascara might might our eyes look bigger and our lashes longer, but by GOD is it annoying sometimes. As for liquid eyeliner… don't even get us started.

Here are just a few common beauty struggles every girl has to deal with…

1. Poking yourself in the eye with your mascara wand
Cue one seriously bloodshot eye and enough tears to flood the Sahara.


2. Blinking the second you finish applying mascara
Oh great, it's now all over my cheeks. WONDERFUL.


3. The constant fear that you haven't blended your foundation enough
"I bet I have tide marks, I just know it."


4. Always waking up with eye make-up under your eyes, no matter HOW much time you spent cleansing
Hello, panda eyes.


5. Overdoing it with the dry shampoo and ending up with a grey tint
Oh, you mean you weren't going for the "glamourous granny" look?


6. Realising you haven't washed your conditioner out enough
Ugh. Anna Kendrick knows this pain:


7. Accidentally applying too much blusher/bronzer
There's nothing for it but to start all over again.


8. Smudging your lipstick and instantly looking like you've spent 30 minutes shifting someone