‘Eh, for fun?’ 12 things only people with NO hobbies will understand


Some people are absolute fiends for extracurricular activities, weekend hobbies and evening pastimes, and other people are, well, just not.

Apart from going to work and socialising, some people are quite happy to do sweet eff-all with their free time – something which, for some reason, often evokes confusion and pity in others.

If you struggle to come up with a single response when quizzed about your (lack of) 'proper' interests, you're definitely not alone.

And here are just 12 things people with no hobbies will recognise.

1. You wonder why 'Netflix bingeing' doesn't garner the same respect as other pastimes.

"Do they know how much dedication it takes to make it through three seasons in a week?"

2. You wonder if you were born without a 'hobbie' gene after quitting every single after-school activity your parents enrolled you in.

"Mam, camogie isn't going to work for me. Sabrina is on then, and I'm not flaking on her."

3. You attempt a couple of evening classes, but quickly realise you're wasting your money in a desperate attempt to seem interesting.

"I quit Pilates because I was only doing it to please the rest of yee."

4. You'd rather list your weaknesses than your hobbies in a job interview.

"Hobbies? Ehhh… have I told you I struggle with timekeeping and hate working as part of a team?"

5. You sometimes feel sorry for people with hobbies because it often means leaving the house in the rain.

"Would you look at your man outside in his football shorts. Jesus, I wouldn't fancy it myself."

6. You love the accessories that accompany hobbies, and have often purchased them… just cos.

"You don't have to do yoga to own a cute sparkly yoga mat, and you definitely don't have to do it to wear yoga pants."

7. People who take photos of their dinner for Instagram are allowed to call it a hobby, but apparently texting isn't in the same league.

"But it's literally all I do when I'm not in work, so is that not a hobby?"

8. You often wonder if you have yet to discover the hobby which will ultimately define you.

"For all you know, I could be an incredible ukelele player, and I'm just waiting for the right moment to take it up."

9. Dates are a minefield, so you prepare an answer that suggests hobbies just aren't for someone with a jam-packed schedule such as yours.

"Hobbies? Will ya stop! Sure, I don't have a minute to get stuck back into… the ones… that I used to do… and love."

10. You sometimes feel sorry for your family when outsiders ask what you do in your spare time, and they're forced to answer.

"Jaysus, what would she be into? Well, she's great at the ol' selfies, aren't you love?"

11. You worry your future children will carry your 'hobbieless' gene, then you worry they'll be the exact opposite.

"Jesus, what if they have me running around after them all weekend? I'll be wrecked picking them up."

12. You can't wait for the day when you can say 'lying down' is your main hobby – you do it for fun, and you'd recommend it to anyone.

"Honestly, I knew from the first time I tried it, it was for me."