Eh? An IRISH version of Love Island is reportedly on the way

During Love Island's eight-week run this summer, we often joked than an Irish version of the show would be delightful. 

Set on the Aran Islands perhaps, with a cast of characters from up and down the country. 

We never thought an Irish Love Island could happen – but now it seems that it could be in the works. 

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Virgin Media, who recently took over TV3, are reportedly in talks to create an Irish version with an unnamed production company. 

According to The Irish Daily Star, Virgin Media boss Bill Malone said that 'It has been rumoured about an Irish Love Island and it has been discussed.'

'I can say no more.'


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It has been reported that Lucy Kennedy would be the lead contender to host the show should it go ahead. 

We can think of a few single friends we would put forward for the show!