Easy step by step guide to the ever popular fishtail plait


The fishtail plait looks pretty cool but it also looks pretty difficult to recreate. However, we have a really simple step by step guide so you too can master the look in no time at all.

  • Comb out and knots and brush your hair into a side parting
  • Pull all your hair over either your left or right shoulder – whichever you are more comfortable doing.
  • Split your hair into two sections
  • Grab hair from the outside of one of your two sections and pull it to the inside of the other section … still with us?
  • Do the same with the other section, making sure to pull it tight.
  • Keep doing this until you reach the end. It takes a little time and patience so don’t rush it.
  • Tie with a small bobbin.
  • Tease the braids apart for the just out of bed look.

It may be a little fiddly to start off with but with a little patience and perseverance you will have it down to a tee pretty quickly…