Dublin home goes up in flames – all because of CHARGER on bed


It's something you've probably done yourself without thinking, but it can have real and very serious consequences,

New photos released by the Dublin Fire Brigade this morning show just how dangerous it is to leave charging devices unattended, especially on duvets or under pillows.

The photos, which show an apartment bedroom in the Islandbridge Dublin 8 area, were taken after a charger left on the bed overheated and caused a fire.

"A fire in Islandbridge last night caused by a charging device on a duvet. Be safe, bed+gadgets don't mix," staff of the DFB captioned the photo.

Visible on the mattress is a charred hairdryer and what looks like the remains of a mobile phone.

The DFB often turns to social media to warn users of possible causes of house fires. Shortly before Christmas, staff released these photos, of a room destroyed by a Christmas tree fire:

Stay safe, ladies.