Dublin City’s new posters have an important message about sexism


A number of posters have been placed around Dublin as part of the City Council's new anti-sexism initiative.

The move comes after a report commissioned by Dublin City Council recommenced a number of measures be undertaken to ensure that women “enjoy a safe, secure freedom of movement through the city.”

One suggestion was the development of “public awareness campaigns expressing zero tolerance of sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence against women and girls in public space”.

Bearing the message, “a sexist remark is not a compliment,” it is hoped the new posters will raise awareness of the sexual harassment that women face on a daily basis.

After joining the UN Women Safe Cities Global Programme in 2013, Dublin is one of 20 cities aiming to reduce harassment of women and girls.

According to thejournal.ie, a spokesperson said: “The decision to join the global initiative was taken not because Dublin is an unsafe city but because the city wants to share and learn from knowledge in other cities.”

A safety audit revealed that inadequate street lighting and a lack garda presence at night made women feel uncomfortable when walking through the city.

Catcalling and groping on crowded public transport were also noted as major areas of concern.

Going forward, Dublin City Council plan to introduce educational programmes for the public and service providers, in particular the gardaí, which “clearly defines what constitutes sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public space.”