Drew Barrymore achieves the PERF smoky eyeliner… by sleeping on it

Forget haphazardly throwing on your eye-liner in the morning, because according to Drew Barrymore the key to nailing the perfect smoky eye is to apply your liner before you go to bed.

While we are having visions of serious panda eyes, the Hollywood actress has said that she loves the smudged effect of her liner after a good nights sleep. 

"After I do my evening skincare routine, I line my outer lower lashes with soft-black pencil before I go to bed," the 41-year-old told Allure magazine. 

"It sounds a little crazy, but I wake up with the perfect smudgy eye makeup. I can roll out of bed, do absolutely nothing, and get compliments on my makeup."

We don't know how but somehow, she is convincing us. 

While this sounds to us like a disaster waiting to happen, we may just go ahead and give it a go. 

What's the worst that can happen? Other than destroying our pillowcases and ending up late for work obviously.