Dress for success: interview outfits to suit every job!


After months of trawling job sites and meeting with recruiters – you’ve done it. You’ve gotten an interview for your dream job. You might be 100% prepared for any question they’ll throw at you, but have you considered what to wear?

First impressions are hugely important when it comes to job interviews. While you might have an “interview uniform” like a trouser or skirt suit in your wardrobe, that’s not always going to be appropriate.

Here’s our top tips for choosing a killer interview outfit…

1. Neaten up!
A scuffed shoe or battered handbag might seem like a small detail but you never know what will be noticed when you walk into the room. Try to look as look and put-together as possible to avoid falling at the first hurdle.

2. Be comfortable!
If your trusty interview skirt or jacket has gotten a touch too tight, it might be wise to consider another option rather than sitting squirming in your seat. Don’t forget to take into account factors like weather and location too. If it’s really hot, avoid heavier fabrics – a red sweaty face is not the most professional look. If the interview location requires a bit of a walk, make sure your heels aren’t deathly uncomfortable – or at least plan to wear flats and change when you get near.

3. Do your research!
Have a look online or ask around to find out a bit more about the company and its dress code. Check on social media for any pictures of staff at events and use those as a base for your interview outfit. Know what works. For example, if you’re applying to a small internet startup where employees happily wear jeans and t-shirts, a trouser suit is going to look painfully awkward.

While it’s important to always remain slightly formal, for companies with more casual dress codes, you can inject some edge and creativity into your outfit.

Check out our guide to the three main dress code types and how to work with them:

Think startups, anything in the creative field, or more relaxed grassroots companies. Bright colours, fun prints and cool accessories mean you’ll look the part but stand out from other applicants:

Business Casual
This is the weird middle ground that’s not quite casual, not quite full-on office wear. If you’re wearing a trouser or skirt suit, you could wear a simple shirt or tank on top. A jacket can be optional too, but a cool blazer adds a fun touch:

Business professional
Charcoal greys and blacks are good colour palettes – for lighter colours stick to neutrals like cream, white and beige. A jacket, skirt/trousers and heels are all essentials. If your hair is long or full of flyaways, a bun or sleek pony is a good option.

Best of luck!

Images via Pinterest