Drama for Mark and Michelle over Lauren Goodger


There may be trouble ahead for Lauren Goodger if she speaks out of turn during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house!

Mark is apparently so concerned she will talk about their former relationship that he has sent a legal letter to CBB bosses, reminding them of the gagging order Lauren previosuly signed meaning she cannot talk about Mark or their time together. 

Hmm, did she not talk about him just recently saying she was totally over him? 

Lauren eventually agreed to sign the confidentiality agreement while away on holiday four years ago with her ex-boyfriend of eleven years – how suspicious does that sound?!

It is thought that any mention of Mark that may occur on Lauren’s part will just be edited out of the reality TV show anyway.

We can’t help but wonder what he is so worried she will reveal about their long time together…!

And what Michelle Keegan, Mark’s current fianceé, will make of it all!

Mark and Michelle are said to be getting married in the not so distant future and we cannot wait to see the photos!