#DogBun is the most adorable trend on the internet right now


It took us a while to contain ourselves after the ‘King of the Man Bun’ was crowned as superhero doppelgänger Brock O’Hurn, but this latest take on the up-do trend it getting us all worked up again.

Floating around on social media for a while now, #DogBun is probably the cutest fashion statement to be made so in 2015.

People are making loose buns and top knots for their pooches and posting the results on social media.

The results are pretty spectacular, we rounded up just a few of our favourites, after much deliberation mind you.  


This sausage dog knows she's on fleek


#dogbun #gretchenwieners #dachshund #dogsofbham

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Behold this glorious trendsetter


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This puts any man bun to shame


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We're getting some Miley Cyrus vibes from this canine


"Feelin' myself rn."


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I think I saw this gal at Body & Soul……


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Sometimes you gotta mix it up


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This dog has better hair than we do


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Obviously no one wants to hurt their pooch in the name of fashion. Something to consider if you want to give the trend a try: your dogs ears shouldn't be tied up with a rubber band for any long periods of time, soft cloth or old school scrunchies should be fine though. Such as what this pup is modelling:

Accessories on point.


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Man buns were overrated anyway.