Do toy boys get bored when women reach middle age?!


Lawyers have apparently noted a rise in young husbands filing for divorce from their older wives.

Apparently, middle age is when you should start worrying about whether or not you’re about to be issued your p45.

James Brown, a partner at JMQ, says that they’ve a seen the number of these cases rise by a third in the last three years.

Brown said: "In my experience over that time, many of the women marrying younger men do so when they reach their late 30s or early 40s. Often they have built a career, are more confident and being able to attract a younger husband is almost an expression of 'girl power', for want of a better phrase.

“However, we are sadly seeing many instances in which this kind of relationship often founders as women reach middle age.”

We’re saddened by this news, and also kind of annoyed that people assume older women want a younger husband as “an expression of ‘girl power’” – does love not come into it at all?