DIY salon nails


Nothing compliments an outfit like beautifully painted nails. Instead of forking out a fortune to have them done in a salon, just follow our our handy tips. You’ll be a pro in no time.

  1. Choose your colour of nail polish. Make sure the polish has not been lurking in your makeup bag for too long as it will just come out thick and gloopy. Shake well.
  2. Wipe your nails with polish remover even if you don’t have any old polish on. This will remove the natural oils and help the polish go on much easier – it will also last a lot longer.
  3. Using your nail file, smooth and shape the tips.
  4. Push your cuticles back.
  5. Apply a clear base coat. This will give the polish something to stick to. Make sure you let the base coat dry fully.
  6. Remove excess polish from the brush. Most brushes nowadays are flatter which makes for easier application.
  7. Place a drop of paint at the bottom of the nail just above the cuticle.
  8. Draw the brush upwards in a straight line all the way to the tip.
  9. Return the brush to the bottom of the nail and follow the curve on the left hand side right up to the tip. Repeat this with the right side.
  10. Always allow your first coat to dry before applying a second.
  11. Apply a clear top coat to prevent your polish from chipping.

You now have salon-standard tips without the expense.