DIY gift wrapping that will make any present look great!


You may not have a lot of money to spend on your friend’s actual present, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz it up with some fancy gift wrapping! Even that fancy pen you got her will create a few ‘wows’ when you produce it in a pretty box – so what are you waiting for?

Cone wrapping
How could anyone not love a gift that comes wrapped like this? It’d almost be a shame to open it!

Crepe paper and empty toilet rolls
Wondering what to do with all those empty toilet rolls piling up in the bathroom? Well now you can give your friends gifts like little bottles of nail polish and wrap them up like this – perfect!

Interactive wrapping paper
Well everything is gone interactive these days, hasn’t it? Why should gift wrapping be any different? While some people may just call you lazy, others will be amazed at your ability to think outside the box. You gotta know your audience with this one!

Love hearts
This one is perfect if your gifting you're significant other (not that boys appreciate pretty wrapping, but anyway!). Just wrap it in red paper, and again in brown paper, having cut out a few half hearts beforehand. Then all you do is fold them out, and voilà! Beautiful!

Mouse box
We don’t have any presents to give any time soon, but we might just make this anyway. It’d be perfect for any little brothers or sisters especially!

Perhaps your friend is a journalist, or just reads the paper a lot. Either way, it’s a much more dignified end to an old edition than using it to mop up the kitchen after your dog was left in for too long.

A Pringles box
If you’re REALLY broke, then why not bake a few cookies, put them in an old pringles box and wrap it up nicely? It looks nice, and while you may not have spent a fortune, they’ll appreciate your efforts!

images via Pinterest