Disgusting! Man tattoos dog saying it would PROTECT pet from cancer


People are calling for charges to be brought against a Brazilian man who posted pictures of his tattooed dog on social media.

Tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno claimed he placed the five tattoos on his white bull terrier in the hope they would protect the pet from cancer.

The animal appears to have tattoos of an anchor, knuckleduster and a diamond on its nose, stars beneath its eyes and the LA Dodgers’ basketball logo on its ears.

The Mirror has reported that the man’s girlfriend has defended his decision to ink the pet.

The couple say the dog was tattooed following a visit to a veterinary school in Posos de Caldas, but the establishment has since rejected this claim and condemned the pair’s actions.

Upon realising he was becoming the focus of an online animal cruelty campaign, the pet owner deleted the images and his social media accounts.