Did Louisa cheat? Ex-boyfriend is NOT happy with her new romance

Louisa Johnson has got it all. 

The voice, the looks, the X Factor win and a brand new , handsome boyfriend. 

Louisa has revealed that she has been dating her current beau, Daniel Elliott, since she first appeared on the show in August. 

Louisa and Daniel


However, this timeline does not really fit in with the account given by her recent ex boyfriend, Ellis Stevens. 

According to him, Louisa began dating Daniel in a mere matter of weeks after ending their 18 month relationship. 

And the reason for the split? Louisa had said that she had wanted to focus on her career. 


"I saw what she said about that [new boyfriend] and was shocked. I went to some X Factor shows and supported her early on but don’t know what’s going on now.

"We split up because she wants to follow her dream. It was only recent, like the last couple of months. I didn’t want to get in the way of her career and what she wants to do

"We had been going out for about 18 months and I know her manager and family really well."

However, it seems that a new man had taken Ellis' place come the final. According to reports, Louisa spent the evening with 19-year-old Essex recruitment manager, Daniel. 

Daniel and Che Chesterman at the final


"Louisa looked very cosy with Daniel after the final," a source told the Sun. 

"Their relationship is still in its early stages and given how dedicated Louisa has been to X Factor over the past few weeks, it's yet to fully flourish. It will be interesting to see how long it will last, as music will be her number one priority for some time to come."

With reports circulating that Louisa was actually dating footballer, Reece Oxford, this girls love life is really and truly a whirlwind. 

Watch this space!