Love is all we have: Call The Midwife praised for powerful finale

We have waved goodbye to Call The Midwife for another year and we have to admit we’re feeling very emotional. Last night’s finale was full of drama, heartache, pure delight and a surprise appearance from a Downton Abbey star.

The cast and crew put together one of the finest episodes the show has ever created, but we just wish it lasted a little longer. The series finale was full of touching scenes and moments of joy amongst the devastation.

Our hearts ached for Valerie as she took care of her grandmother in her final days. We genuinely think part of our hearts broke when she came back to the flat with her ice cream, only to find that her gran had passed away.

We sobbed when Petra lost her baby. The young woman’s dreams were crushed when she found out her husband Eddie (yes, that was William from Downton Abbey) had been seeing another woman and was also expecting a child with her. However, Petra found the strength to rise above the drama, the hurt and humiliation and vowed not to fall out with Bonnie over a man.

But it was Nurse Trixie that had us bawling crying like newborn babies. The ladies of Nonnatus House refused to go down without a fight when their budget was cut and rent increased by the board. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after the midwife delivered that rousing speech about the impact Nonnatus House has had on the people of Poplar. We sobbed as she told the board the real people they helped and not the statistics.

Trixie’s speech, the petition and the piles and piles of supportive letters from the Poplar residents helped them defeat the board. The director confirmed that their budget would be restored and their rent wouldn’t be increased, much to the delight of the midwives and sisters.

However, he stressed that it will only be for a 12 month period so who knows what will happen to Nonnatus House when Call The Midwife returns for season ten in 2021. We will just have to wait and see.