Demi Lovato lashes out at sister’s cyber bullies


Demi Lovato has often spoken out about being bullied when she was younger, so it’s no wonder she responded the way she did when cruel online bullies made fun of her little sister Maddie, who was severe scoliosis.

The 12-year-old girl posted a vine to Twitter, and when the bullies noticed she had a slight hump in her back, they started making fun of her. They even made a twitter account called ‘hunchbackluvsu1’ where they posted a photo of a camel with a (badly) photoshopped Demi on top. The caption read: “Love you Demi”.

When her big sister saw what was going on, she contacted the bully herself:

She also publicly defended her little sister on her own Twitter account:

We don’t blame Demi for reacting the way she did – Maddie is lucky to have such a feisty sister on her side!