Date night in?


Staying in tonight? Well, seeing as it is Valentine’s Day why not make your bedroom that little bit more romantic?

Add a little mood lighting
Candles are the perfect way to create a romantic vibe. Mix tea lights with chunky candles and stick in a few scented ones too.

Plenty of cushions
A bed is irresistible when it looks comfy so pile cushions onto the bed. Make sure you change your sheets though.

Use rose petals
Sprinkle rose petals all over the bed and the floor. Your other half might not like them but hey, it’s your room too.

Play some music
Nothing says romance like the sound of music. Avoid Taylor Swift at all costs.

However, before you go to all this effort, you might want to make sure your room is clean and clutter free. Nothing is more off putting than tripping up on dirty clothes.