Daisy Lowe describes herself as an ‘elephant’ … but why?!


There is no denying Daisy Lowe is one seriously gorgeous girl.

However, the model proves that just because you are rich and famous, doesn’t mean all of your body hang-ups disappear.

Daisy said that she has come to accept herself over the last 10 years, saying: “If you stand me next to a normal model I look like an elephant, and that’s all right. I’ve been in this industry a long time – 10 years – and I’ve been so lucky to to do the things I’ve been lucky enough to do. But it’s taken me 10 years to say , ‘Oh, I’m actually comfortable in my shape and I’m proud of being a woman and my feminine form.’ It’s definitely been a journey. It’s tough – I’m still only a size eight!”

The model also went on to say that if it weren’t for her job, things would be very different: “I always say to my friends when they’re worrying about their weight and pulling at their bodies, ‘If I didn’t do what I do for a living, I’d love to be a size 12 or 14 and have that curvy body with those amazing tits and that great arse.'”

It’s good to see she is finally comfortable in who she is.