Cyberloafing: The career-damaging office habit we’re ALL guity of

So, there comes a certain point in every working day when emails are piling up, deadlines are getting closer, and you've just remembered that dress you saw on ASOS the other day and decide that now is the perfect time to make the purchase.

It'll only take five minutes, and you didn't leave for lunch until 1.03 today, so it's totally fine, right?

Well, it turns out that using the internet for personal reasons during work hours could actually be detrimental for your career goals.

A new study published in The Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, claims that 'cyberloafing' is associated with a number of 'dark' personality traits.


In the study, researchers looked at how internet consumption affected the participants behaviour and found that checking news websites and online shopping were the greatest hindrances to an employee's productivity.

What's more, the report also claimed that those who regularly engage in 'cyberloafing' are more likey to be manipulative, socially exploitive and narcissistic.

Speaking to Stylist magazine, career coach, Evelyn Cotter, said 'cyberloafing' is “an attempt to replace something that we're lacking, but we never get that 'filled-up' feeling.”

She also said that since the intertnet plays a huge role in many modern jobs, employees are more likely to give into temptation, and in turn, are more likely to suffer the career-damaging consequences.

So, next time you feel like taking a little break, grab a coffee and save the online shopping for home time instead.