Cut the crap: Foolproof tips for getting healthy and losing weight

Straight-talking author, motivational speaker and 'Grit Doctor' Ruth Field caught our attention a few years back with her motivational book Run Fat B*tch Run, encouraging readers to just get out there and get active, with no more excuses.

Now Ruth is back with a second no-bullsh*t look at health and fitness in her new book, Cut The Crap. Getting fit and healthy is not just about cutting out "crap" food – it's about being brutally honest with yourself about what you need to do to lose weight and achieve the body you want.

Interested? Read on, because we caught up with Ruth to get some of her motivational tips to help you get started:

1. Know that exercise is just as important as diet
"Thinking you can get away with never getting your heart rate up and still be healthy is the number one crappy habit that needs cutting out," says Ruth. "Exercise at the earliest opportunity available every day. Use the mantra RUN FAT BITCH RUN to help motivate you outdoors."

2. Give yourself a fighting chance
Preparation is key, ladies. "Get dressed in the morning in your workout gear and trainers so you are ready to go," says Ruth. "Once you are outdoors in your running kit with nothing but your front door key, the job is as good as done. Stop over thinking it and telling yourself you don’t have time and just do as I do.  Get dressed for the job and get outside."

3. Staying healthy is a job like any other
We don't all head off to the gym with huge smiles on our faces – and that's okay. "Get into the habit of thinking of exercise as another job that needs doing," suggests Ruth. "In other words, prioritise it.  Your actual job will thank you for it."

4. H2O, H2O, H2O
Skip the juices and smoothies and focus on good old water, advises Ruth, who says we should give up drinking anything but water for hydration. As for your five a day? "Eat fruits don’t drink them," is Ruth's motto.

5. Healthy eating can be enjoyable – we promise.
"Find healthy foods you ENJOY eating," Ruth says. "There is no point eating kale in all its infinite carnations if you don’t actually like the taste. Quit jumping on the bandwagon of any current food fashion or dieting fad or superfood that is being hailed as the salvation from all our ills – it's crappy thinking that needs cutting out."

6. Embrace home-cooked food
Bye, bye microwave meals. "Avoid heavily processed foods," Ruth advises. "The worst being those microwave meals that call themselves ‘lasagne’ and take 2 minutes to go from frozen to your gob. Cook from scratch instead."

7. And finally… listen to your body!
"Stop grazing all day and get back in touch with true hunger cues: a rumbling stomach is not something to be afraid of but your body’s way of letting you know when it is time to feed it."

Ruth will appear at the Unislim Health and Wellness Show taking place on Saturday 18 April at Croke Park's Hogan Suite from 10am – 4pm. Other speakers on the day will include world champion sprint hurdler Derval O'Rourke, musician Bressie and TV chef Clodagh McKenna.

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