Cruel Intentions: Sarah Michelle Geller’s pic for the 20th anniversary

Cruel Intentions is one of the most iconic films of the 90s. 

The plot had everything – sexual deviance, true love, death and a crucifix full of cocaine. 

The film launched in 1999 – and the 20th anniversary of it's release just passed us by yesterday.


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Sarah Michelle Geller, who played the lead villain Kathryn Merteuil, almost let the day go by without realising it.

Taking to her Instagram, she posted a very 90s poster for the film, with the caption: 

'Wait…today 20 years?!? I literally just realised today is the actual anniversary. Well 20 years later I may be even more proud of this film.'


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'Not very often do you get to be a part of cinema, that holds the test of time.'

She also paif homage to the cast and crw:

'@rogerkumble you are the most wonderfully disturbed person I know and I love you.'

'@reesewitherspoon @selmablair @ryanphillippe (and not pictured @seanpthomas @vancityjax) you are even better actors and better people then you were then.'

'Forget me- everybody loves this film and I intend to keep it that way.'