Creme Egg burgers are a thing now and we’re guessing they’re… delish?

Dublin welcomed its very own Creme Egg cafe earlier this year and we have to say, everything in it is SO delicious.

But a new Creme Egg creation has popped up in London, and while we haven't tasted it (yet), we're guessing is must be fab… right?

The Creme Egg deep fried burger is totally a thing now and was added to the menu at the K West Hotel & Spa.

A set of mini sliders are made up from a sweet brioche bun which is dipped in white chocolate and covered in raspberry sprinkles. Then is the deep fried Creme Egg which is followed by mascarpone cream and strawberry jelly.

The sliders are priced at £5.50 (€7) for two, but we're thinking you might not want to tell your doctor about this.

Like the infamous deep fried Mars bar, we're sure these are meant to be eaten in moderation.