Crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the royal baby


There have been some bizarre conspiracy theories surfacing since the birth of Princess Charlotte several days ago. 

A Russian paper, The Komsomolskaya Pravda paper believes that the Duchess of Cambridge looked too nice to have just delivered a child when she appeared outside the Lindo Wing of London's St Mary's Hospital after giving birth to Charlotte.

One Russian mum said: "It was a surrogate mother who gave birth but not her. Kate must have been wearing a fake belly showing to the people that she was pregnant." Another agreed: "She did not give birth, I am sure. There is no special maternal look in her eyes – this natural thing is not visible."

Others believe she had the baby earlier than Saturday: "She gave birth three days ago. They reported it only now. Look at the baby – she does not look like a newborn at all."

"She is at least three days old. There is nothing which would help a woman, even if she gave birth with the help of best doctors, stand up five hours after giving birth – and leave the clinic on her feet," they said.

Some people did not agree with Kates decision to leave the hospital when she did. Moscow gynaecologist, Olga Perovskaya, told women not to follow Kate's "heroic deed" and leave the hospital so soon.

"In our country an average mother leaves the maternity hospital in three or four days if everything is all right," she said. She then added: "Of course it is risky. A crowd of people is not at all a sterile environment – she could have caught a virus flying around."

Hmmm, we think we're going to have to believe Kate…

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her second baby, Princess Charlotte, on Saturday morning after being several days overdue.