Could 100 bites per day help you to lose weight?

Ever wondered how many bites you take per day? No, neither have we, but it seems that keeping track of how many mouthfuls of food you eat could actually be a factor in weight loss.

Most of us are guilty of eating our food too fast and gulping down meals and snacks in just a few bites. Research has shown that chewing slower and taking smaller mouthfuls can aid digestion and weight loss, but of course it’s easy to forget that when you’ve just opened the bar of Galaxy you've been craving all day.

Now, a company in South Carolina have taken things to the next level by developing a bite-counter which tracks how quickly or slowly you eat by noting your wrist movements. The Bite Monitor’s creators believe that 100 bites per day is the perfect amount if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Apparently, each bite we eat has an average of 17 calories for men and 11 calories for women… depending on what you eat in a normal day of course.

We’re not sure if we really want to know exactly how many spoons of Ben and Jerry’s we’ve just eaten to be honest, but, hey, it could be worth a try!