Coronas’ Danny speaks out about Laura Whitmore break-up


Danny O’Reilly has spoken out about the heartbreak he endured after breaking up with Laura Whitmore.

The Coronas front man says that he was lucky to be busy on tour at the time: "When I did go through the breakup, at the time we were touring around Europe just after it happened, and thank God for that.

“It definitely made it a bit easier for me that we were on tour and busy and getting that therapy every night playing music.”

The music he was playing was about the girl he had just broken up with though, so it can’t have been easy singing those songs: “I would have moments like that where I was a bit emotional for a bit of a song. But you get on with it and thankfully the gig gets you through it.

“Sometimes I look back at songs that were happy songs about the start of the relationship and they are bitter sweet.

“I look at them from a different angle now. I think, ‘Oh God, that was nice when I felt that way. I thought everything was so simple.

“But I think that’s just the price you pay as a songwriter.”

Danny explains how writing songs can be therapeutic, and he still sings songs about his first girlfriend!

“Sometimes it can be theraputic [writing songs]. So at the time, when things are going wrong, sometimes I will write a song right there about what’s going on.

“I still sing songs about my first ever girlfriend now. It doesn’t make it harder. I enjoy singing the songs.

“I always say about song writing, it’s the way I was feeling at that particular time. I don’t go through it every night.”