Congratulations? It looks like there’s a baby on board, Gemma!

Gemma Atkinson shocked her fans today when she posted a picture of herself with what seems to be a pretty sizable baby bump… food baby that is!

The Emmerdale star captioned the photo, “So I ate too much bread and I have a wheat intolerance…. Food baby on board! I look like I’ve eaten a spacehopper.

Despite saying straight out that her swollenness is from eating too many carbs, it didn’t stop her Twitter followers from going into a frenzy thinking she was pregnant. Ms Atkinson had to take tweet again a picture of her stunningly flat stomach just to prove that she isn’t in fact pregnant.

Many of her other fans were joking by congratulating her on her food baby, while other gluten intolerant sufferers were sympathising with her pain.

Gemma recently opened up on ITV1 explaining how she has no excuse to not be in shape because her boyfriend, Olly Foster, is a personal trainer.

We have to say we are pretty damn jealous of Gemma… our food babies definitely don’t disappear in quite the same way!