Confused by the new Snapchat emojis? Join the club


So, the yellow heart means you guys are best friend but the gimace means their BFF is your BFF too? Snapchat, what are you trying to do to us?

Feeling confused, we’ve decided to try and break down this new feature once and for all.

1. The emoji:
A yellow heart

What it means:
If this emoji appears beside a name, this is the person you speak to most often on Snapchat.

2. The emoji:
Awkward grimace

What it means:
When this appears next to a contact, they are your number one Snapchatter’s number one Snapchatter too. Awks.

3. The emoji:

What it means:
The fire emoji will be accompanied by a number which indicates a consecutive number of days you have sent Snapchats to this person. You guys are on fire!

4. The emojji:
Smiley face with sunglasses

What it means:
This ‘cool’ emoji means that you share a best friend with this person.

5. The emoji:

What it means:
They send you Snapchats a lot, but you don’t send many back. Feel the shade.

6. The emoji:
Rosy-cheeked smiley

What it means:
Sure, you send this person a lot of emojis, but not as many as you do to your yellow-hearted contact.

Here it is broken down by imagining what Beyoncé's Snapchat might look like…

Phew…we think we get it now.