Coffee addict? Here are five benefits of your morning fix!

Whether you drink it first thing in the morning or after dinner, there's nothing better than a creamy cup of coffee. Espresso, americano, latte, or some crazy flavour combo from Starbucks – whatever your poison, coffee is the uncrowned king of hot beverages. Except maybe tea – but that's another story altogether!

Although coffee is often criticised for its unhealthy properties, a steaming mug of java (even decaf!) actually has some great health benefits too…

1. It can make us happier!
Studies have shown that those who drink four or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to be depressed. It's not from the "caffeine high" though – instead it's down to the high level of antioxidants found in fresh coffee. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Coffee is a HUGE source of antioxidants
Although fruit and vegetables are also great sources, apparently the antioxidants found in coffee are absorbed by our body much more easily.

3. The smell alone makes stress levels drop
The scent of fresh coffee or coffee beans reduces stress levels – but specifically the stress that comes with sleep deprivation. So your morning coffee isn't just waking you up when you're overtired, it's calming you down too!

4. Coffee helps liver health
A 22-year long study, published in 2006, showed that people who drank coffee were 20% less likely to get liver cirrhosis – a disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption which can lead to liver failure.

5. Drinking coffee can even make you more intelligent!
The jolt from a cup of coffee not only makes you more focused, it also improves logical reasoning, reaction times and vigilance – all of which are linked to levels of intelligence.

And finally… if you're really not convinced, maybe this drool-inducing latte GIF will tip you over the edge… 

So beautiful!