Cindy Crawford reveals her brother helped her deal with his death

Cindy Crawford is opening up about the death of her brother, Jeff when he had only turned three.

The supermodel, 49, said that when she was growing up she always knew her dad wanted to have a little boy. His delight at having Jeff was unfortunately cut short we he lost his battle with leukaemia.

Cindy, who was 8 at the time her brother was diagnosed, said that at the time she didn’t really understand what was wrong.

“I think when my parents first told us that my brother was sick, we didn’t really understand what it meant,” she said when she sat down to be interviewed for Oprah’s Master Class.


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Jeff received a grim prognosis and Cindy’s parents signed him up for an experimental treatment programme. The entire family would make the 4 hour journey to the hospital from their home almost daily.

In the interview Cindy says she didn’t really understand what was happening as she had never before had any experience of someone close to her dying. According to Cindy however, Jeff did know.


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She recalls a story her mother told her of finding Jeff preparing for what would happen when he died.

“She said, ‘What are you doing?’ And he said, ‘I’m praying.’ And she said, ‘What are you praying about?’ He said, ‘So that when I die, you’ll be OK.”

When Jeff was 3, he was supposed to return to the hospital for more treatments after Christmas, Cindy remembers how he refused to go back to the hospital.

According to Cindy “the day that he was supposed to go back to the hospital, that’s the day he died.”

She says that knowing her brother had decided he was done fighting his illness brings her “some sense of completeness and peace.”

Cindy’s interview can be seen in the video below.