Chloe Moretz opens up about dating ‘crazy’ British guys


Just when we couldn’t be any more confused about Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham’s rumoured romance – she goes and tells us she thinks British guys are ‘really crazy’!

Chatting about dating guys from the UK, the actress said, “UK boys are way more dangerous that American guys because they seem really nice, they seem really cool and then it’s like a sneak attack.”

She added, “They’re cobras. You meet them and they’re really quiet and then they’re secretly really crazy.”

Hmm … surely she’s not talking about lovely Becks junior!

The 17-year-old star continued, “I’m just saying, I learnt this a couple of times. American guys are kind of like ‘I’m really crazy’ or ‘I’m really aggressive’ and you kind of see it, but Brits are really quiet so it’s kind of like you’ve got to figure it out.”

“It’s cute and mysterious but It’s also kind of scary. With Americans it’s all out there, they’re like ‘well here’s my book, read it’,” she added.

The Carrie actress is said to have been dating Brooklyn for three months, and went to the Teen Choice Awards with him.

But she was seen recently holding hands with her ex Julian Moraes before rocking up to an Ed Sheeran gig with none other than Brooklyn.

What is happening?!