Cheryl gets fans talking with recent Instagram snap


Yesterday, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini posted a picture of herself to Instagram with the caption "*see caption on my jumper*".

Her jumper read "My Life Story Will Be A Good One."

This time, it wasn't Cheryl's cherry locks that were grabbing our attention, instead it was the tiny detail that something very important was missing from the picture.

Where is Cheryl's wedding ring?

Is there trouble in paradise for Cheryl and her hubby Jean-Bernard?

It is very odd that Cheryl was not wearing her wedding or engagement ring.

Maybe the writing on her jumper is symbolising a much deeper meaning than what we thought when we first saw the picture, and if so, we really hope she is okay.

Of course, she could have just taken it off for a while, and we hope that is the case. 

Cheryl shocked fans last summer when she wed businessman Jean-Bernard after only three months of dating. At the time Cheryl claimed it was the happiest shes ever been.

She married footballer, Ashley Cole, in 2006, but this ended in divorce four years later after rumours surfaced about him apparently cheating on her. 

We hope her marriage to Jean-Bernard isn't going down a similar path, they are too cute together.