Cheryl Cole admits class was a factor in major life changing choice


Cheryl Cole didn’t always want to be a singer, in fact the newly Mrs. Fernandez-Versini actually wanted to be a ballet dancer and even made it to the Royal Ballet summer school.

However, it was here that her dreams were squashed when she felt a bit of an outcast due to her social standing.

Taking up ballet at the tender age of three, Cheryl admits she always wanted to be a ballerina but it all changed when she attended the prestigious school.

Talking about to The Times Magazine, Cheryl said: "And then I went to the Royal Ballet [summer school] when I was 9 or 10. Hated it. Squashed the dream. It wasn't me. I didn't fit in. I had to be sponsored to go there because me parents couldn't afford to send us there, and everyone else was – obviously… Basically I was a bit of an outcast."

Cheryl thinks her social standing played a part in feeling different from other pupils. "It was the first time I'd ever felt… class. I didn't know what it was. Everyone around was normal to me. There was this thing, and we were all on the same level… 

She added: "I didn't understand it. I just knew it was… different. And that they were… looking down their noses. If you like. But I couldn't express it. ‘I was out of place. I think about 9-year-old me, and I think, "That must have been hard."

Aw, we can image a little Cheryl telling her parents that she no longer wanted to pursue her dream. How sad. Although her decision to focus in on her singing has certainly paid off!