Cheryl challenges Simon Cowell in surprise career move


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been teasing us all on Twitter about some “exciting news” she has and it looks like we finally know what it is!

A source revealed to the Mirror that Cheryl is planning to challenge Simon Cowell’s position as the most influential person in music by starting her own record label.

This could reignite bad feelings between the two, as apparently she recently rejected Simon’s offer of a subsidiary record label under him.

"She knows what it takes to succeed in the industry from her experience as a performer – both as a solo artist and as a group, from her years in Girls Aloud,” the source said.

"She loves music and is really excited about being able to springboard new talent."

The label is set to launch next year so Cheryl is going to be extremely busy in the coming months. Not only is she judging in the X Factor, but she’s also recording a new album, Only Human, which should hit the shelves later this year.

Phew, we feel tired just thinking about it!