Check out what’s on in the cinema this weekend!

We know the sun is beating down out there but it's set to get a bit chilly as the weekend draws in, so you may find yourself taking refuge with a cosy trip to the cinema.

Luckily there's a whole load of new releases to check out, with everything from sassy teen comedies to dark action thrillers hitting Irish cinemas this week.

Here are our top picks…

Either you have one, or you are one. The DUFF tells the story of high-school senior Bianca (Mae Whitman) who has a rude awakening when she learns that her classmates secretly know her as the DUFF – designated ugly fat friend – amid her prettier and more popular pals. Can she change up her reputation before her senior year becomes a complete disaster?


John Wick
Notorious assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) stepped back completely from his violent career when he met the perfect woman. But when she dies suddenly, everything begin to fall apart. A gang of Russian mobsters set upon John and steal some of his most treasured possessions, as well as killing the dog that was a gift from his late wife. Now, John must do everything he can to seek vengeance.


Woman In Gold
Oscar winner Helen Mirren takes on the role of an elderly Holocaust survivor, Maria Altmann, in this emotional drama. Maria was forced to flee her native Vienna during World War I and now she's determined to reclaim some of her family's dignity by getting back a painting the Nazis stole from her family – the world-famous Lady In Gold.