Check out Jay-Z describing his dream woman back in ’98


Back in 1998, world-renowned rapper Jay-Z took a few minutes to explain why he’s never been in love and reveals what he considers the perfect woman for him. And to be fair, his future wife and mother-of-his-child, global superstar Beyonce pretty much ticks all his boxes.

The 44-year-old superstar, who would have been around 28 at the time of the interview (but doesn't look like he's aged a day since, right?) explains that he’s never been so into someone that he misses them when he goes away and claims he’s yet to find all his favourite traits in one woman.

Saying he wants a sharp, witty girl and appreciates a good sense of style means that the rapper definitely hit pay-dirt when he and Beyonce started dating approximately five years later. He’s pretty adamant that he finds silliness a major turn-off and in fairness, silly is the last word we’d use to describe Queen Bey.

The couple who married in secret in 2008 and welcomed daughter Blue Ivy into their lives in 2012 have been rocked by recent rumours of infidelity and separation, but we’re pretty sure, going by this video, that Jay-Z knows he found his dream girl in the former Miss Knowles and won’t be doing anything to threaten their relationship.