Celebrity Big Brother star jailed after assaulting her boyfriend

It looks like this Celebrity Big Brother star has had somewhat of a colourful past!

Cami Li, the former fiancee of ex-TOWIE star Kirk Norcross, was once jailed for an attack on her former boyfriend, Alexander Blair.

The feisty tattoo'ed glamour model was apparently defending herself during the incident which saw her jailed for 'profane and uncooperative behaviour'.

According to Cami's dad, his daughter was just doing what she does best and standing her ground.

Commenting on the incident, dad Michael, who bailed his daughter out, said: "Cami has always been a tough girl. She speaks her mind and is no pushover."

Explaining what led to his daughter's time in the slammer, Michael said: "In this case she had become jealous of another girl and things got out of hand. Alexander was a nice guy, but they ended things after that incident."

We can't say we're too shocked that the pair decided to call time on their relationship after that one!