Celebrity Big Brother contestant removed after ‘incident’

When it comes to Celebrity Big Brother, we’re used to seeing some of the celeb world’s more eccentric characters letting go and embracing the madness.

However, it looks like former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson took things a step too far in Big Brother’s eyes.

The actor has reportedly been removed from the house over an unspecified incident, with Channel 5 issuing the following statement:

“Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother has moved to the later time of 10pm on Channel 5. This episode features explosive drama between the housemates and includes an incident that results in Jeremy Jackson being removed from the house.”

Jackson’s erratic behaviour in the house over the past few days had caused both his fellow housemates and viewers at home to raise concerns for his wellbeing, with blogger Perez Hilton even suggesting that he was not very “mentally stable”.

We predict the viewing figures to hit the roof tonight as the drama unfolds!