Celeb sets the record straight in foul-mouthed online rant


So Amber Rose really wants to make something clear.

No matter how many times they talk to each other, hug each other or pose in a photo with his and her's sports cars, this does NOT mean her and manager Nick Cannon are in a relationship with each other.

Amber Rose, the woman who can style swimwear with dental floss and a few nifty knots, decided it was time the world knew there is nothing going on between herself and Mariah Carey's ex-husband.

Posting a message directed at anyone who doubts this, Amber wrote: "We are friends and business partners, nothing more! I don't know how many times I need to say this, but this will be my last time. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!!"

And then Amber decided to turn up the heat a little, using language we're not sure her mother would be proud of, saying: "OK f**kers? So fall the f*ck back and chill the f*ck out-Muva."