Catwalk catfight! Victoria’s Secret model SLAMS Gisele Bundchen


Victoria's Secret newbie Lameka Fox strutted her stuff in this year's fashion show, taking to the stage alongside veterans Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Luckily for the newcomer, Victoria's Secret OG Gisele Bundchen has retired her angle wings, otherwise it could have been a bit of an awkward encounter.

According to multiple online sources, these screenshots originated from Lameka's official Twitter account.

The tweets, which date back a few years, show the model slating Gisele, calling her "irrelevant" and "pretentious."

Since these tweets have surfaced, Lameka has deleted her Twitter page, so there is no way to know if they are 100% real.

The model has also disabled commenting on her Instagram page. 


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Gisele fans were quick to rush to the supermodels defence: "How can anyone say anything bad about Giselle, she's the queen of runway, she should be her idol, not to be jealous on her," said one.

However, others pointed out the fact that Lameka would have been 15 and 16 respectively when she allegedly penned these tweets. 

"It's a shame she said it because it makes her sound really nasty… like it was years ago and we all make mistakes but it could have a big impact on her career now," commented another.