Cash the dog is a total hero in Dirty John & he’s now an Insta influencer


If you havent reached the end of the Netflix series Dirty John – be warned, there are spoilers ahead. 

Throughout the series, Terra Newell is rarely seen without her right hand man and companion Cash, a miniature Australian Shepherd dog. 

From his distinctive blue eyes to his fluffy coat, Cash is stunning – and as it turns out, he's also a complete hero.


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In the final episode of the series, which is based on real life events, Terra is violently attacked by John Meehan, a psychotic stalker who is in a manipulative and intimidating relationship with her mother Debra at the time.

John attacks Terra with a knife, before she courageously fights back, ultimately ending his life in the process through self defence. 

However, while John is attacking Terra, Cash the dog leaps into action, biting at John's legs, barking and growling, in an attempt to help save his beloved owner from the attacker. 

Following the incident, Cash can be seen guarding Terra in her hospital bed, and honestly we had tears in our eyes at that point. 


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Since the events, which happened in 2016, Cash the dog has been thriving, and has gained his own fan base over on Instagram. 

His guardian Terra is also making a name for herself as a social media influencer, as she posts about her love of animals and her gorgeous fashion looks. 

Over on Cash's Instagram account, where he has almost 5k followers, we get an insight into the Aussie Shep's life, including his walks, adventures and time spent hanging out with other puppers. 


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On Instagram, Cash also raises awareness for vital animal-based charity drives, and poses like a supermodel next to various landmarks and street art. 

Clicking follow was truly a no-brainer.