Cara Delevingne launches a Twitter attack against the fashion industry!


We know that Cara Delevingne doesn’t hold back when it comes to her social media antics, but we’re still a little bit shocked to see her launch a full on Twitter attack against Vogue magazine.

The model was hitting back at claims from the magazine who said that the model fell asleep during one of their interviews.

American Vogue’s Plum Skyes claimed that Cara was late for a meeting and said that the model always “always wakes up 10 minutes before she has to go anywhere.”

Plum went on to say that the model requested a massage before the interview and then fell asleep, causing the meeting to be cut short.

Skyes went on to write in the Vogue feature that the model was out partying the night before with Lily Allen.

But according the 21-year-old model was quick to respond to the articles publication and went on to attack the magazine and the fashion industry on Twitter.






Hmmm after those tweets it’s probably a good idea not to get on Cara’s bad side.