Can you guess who this stunning young woman grew up to be?


Can you believe that this young woman grew up to be stylist Rachel Zoe? Us neither!

The photo of her as a younger woman was released as part of LinkedIn’s If I were 22 series, in which successful people talk about their career path.

Rachel goes into detail about how she came to run a high-flying stylist empire, saying it’s important to “learn what you’re good at.”

The stylist also added: “don’t look at the clock … know what to prioritize, rise above drama and stand out in an interview.”

Rachel’s first job in the fashion industry was a fashion assistant for YM magazine where she says she was always the first person to arrive in work, and the last to leave.

She also added that homework doesn’t end when you graduate school, so if needs be, perfect a project in your own time. Now that’s dedication!

Rachel is now a mum to two adorable children, Skyler (3) and Kaius (6 months) with her husband, Roger Berman.