The ‘Call the Midwife’ cast say THIS was their favourite birth scene

As devoted fans of the beloved BBC drama, Call the Midwife, we’ve seen our fair share of emotional birth scenes over the years.

However, there are a few which stand out in our memory — Abigail and Terence’s miracle baby, the unexpected arrival of little Teddy and of course Maureen and baby Warren’s harrowing storyline to name a few.

Ahead of series 10 which will be hitting our screens in just a matter of days, the cast of Call the Midwife have come together to recall some of their favourite birth scenes which they filmed on the show over the years.

Helen George, who plays Nurse Beatrix ‘Trixie’ Franklin, says, “My favourite births are the ones where we’re in very unusual places. So there was one in a telephone box, there was one in a taxi, there was one in a fisherman’s hut — there was one on a fisherman’s boat even!”

Meanwhile, Stephen McGann, who plays Dr Patrick Turner, had one birth scene in mind, which was particularly memorable because of the unique filming process.

“The best birth was possibly the biggest one of all,” Stephen exclaimed, adding, “and that was with the brilliant and much-garlanded Monica Dolan, who played twins!”

Recalling Monica’s truly wonderful performance in series two, Stephen explains, “One of the sisters is giving birth to a baby, the other one is beside her — so we had to do this birth and lock the cameras off and do the whole action again with Monica playing the other character.”

A woman after our own heart, Laura Main, who plays the lovely Sister Shelagh Turner , states, “My favourite birth in the whole show has to be baby Teddy!” 

Agreeing with her, Jenny Agutter, who plays Sister Julienne, describes the miraculous birth scene and what it was like to be a part of, as she recalls, “She wasn’t going to be able to have a baby, one had seen her through that… all those difficult times.”

“And then suddenly she’s pregnant, and seeing her through that and being asked to be there, it was beautiful — it was lovely to do.”

Call the Midwife series 10 returns to our screens this Sunday evening, April 18 at 8pm — don’t forget to tune in for even more emotional rollercoasters!