BREAKING: Actress tweets worrying revelations about dad


Amanda Bynes is creating some serious cause for concern with her latest tweets this evening.

The actress has accused her dad of making sexual advances towards her, writing: “He called me ugly as a child and then asked me if I wanted to have sex with him and i did not know how to respons and I said no and then … I was forced to live with my dad which was a total nightmare … My dad fondled himself in front of me so many times that i started recording him on my phone in hopes of catching him.”

The actress, who was accused of shoplifting and caught on tape erratically dancing in a shop, also spoke of her mum, who she says knew of the abuse: “My mom knows that my father’s literally and physically incestual towards his own daughter and the fact that she never called the police on .. Him embarrasses me no end.”

Amanda says she will meet with a lawyer and look for a restraining order against her dad, who has not spoken of the allegations yet.

There is no sign yet that Amanda’s account may have been hacked but hopefully the accusations are addressed soon by her lawyer. 

We really hope things get better for her soon.