Brangelina’s lunch plans caused quite a stir yesterday

The world's most famous family raised a few eyebrows yesterday when they stopped for lunch somewhere highly out of character.

With two world-famous actors (including one UNICEF ambassador) as their parents, you'd be forgiven for thinking Knox, Vivienne and co. lived on a freshly prepared vegan diet at all times. but it seems that's not always the case.

Brad, Angelina, 13-year-old Maddox and 9-year-old Shiloh stopped at a Subway shop in Glendale, California yesterday and by the sounds of it they ordered like pros. According to a member of staff, the foursome left with two meatball marinara footlongs, a six-inch chicken teriyaki and some children's meals. The bill came to $44 (€40) – hardly an A-list price tab – and Brad even left a tip of $6 (€5.50).

The Jolie-Pitts unexpected visit soon caught the attention of the media, with their pitstop even making a few news bulletins in the US later that day.

It seems the Hollywood couple had been visiting a Toys R Us store in the area with their brood before heading ice-skating for twins Knox and Vivienne's seventh birthdays. "They rented a bus and headed for an afternoon of ice-skating at Iceland Ice Skating Center," an onlooker told Us Weekly. "Knox and Viv were bundled up with snow hats and mittens. They were really excited about it."

This is not the first incident of late in which Brangelina have ensured their children live a somewhat normal life. Last month the stars and their six kids flew in economy class while travelling from Paris to Nice, waiting at Charles de Gaulle airport for two hours along with other passengers and putting their luggage in the overhead lockers themselves. 

First flying like us normal folks, then eating like us… what's next?